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Afghan Haze is a Sativa-dominant strain that provides an excellent dose of mental energy combined with a mellow body high and some pain-relieving properties.


Afghan haze weed for sale

Afghan haze weed for sale. It is a Sativa-dominant strain that provides an excellent dose of mental energy combined with a mellow body high and some pain-relieving properties. In other words, it does what good Hybrids should: it represents the best of both species. Although not the most fragrant strain, it does have a sweet and earthy aroma that many enthusiasts find pleasant.

Lab Tested Results:

THC: 20%

CBD: 0.5%

Afghan Haze Experience

The name of Afghan Haze might give you the image of a contemplative evening walk in the desert, and this potent marijuana might just put you in that state of mind. It’s a 60-40 Sativa-dominant Hybrid which will please enthusiasts with a combination of airy cerebral effects and numbing bodily relaxation.

With an average of 19-21% THC, it’s quite powerful, if not freakishly so. Novice smokers should definitely handle this cannabis with care. Its parents are the reputable Afghani Indica and Haze Sativa.

Consumers smoking this weed will first experience a euphoric, clear headrush, complete with spiraling thoughts and a sense of energy. As the high continues, a trademark cannabis comfort descends, marked by a warm, cozy body high.

Depending on the smoker’s disposition, this cannabis will result in either a creative, comfortable state of mind or deep sleep.

Afghan Haze has an unconventional smell that reminds consumers of all kinds of things. Some people report the smell of tea, others say it smells like spice, and still others notice a floral sweetness.

Regardless, most find it to be a highly pleasant aroma, which translates into a heady, reasonably smooth smoke. The buds themselves are less unusual: forest green, amber trichomes, moderately sticky.

Medical Benefits of Afghan Haze

This flowers’ combination of cerebral and body effects can make it an effective treatment for a number of conditions.

This herb creates a level of pain relief that is unusual for a Sativa-dominant strain and may be useful for those with mild-to-chronic aches

Energetic uplift could be helpful for patients suffering from mild depression as well as other mood issues

Sedative effects are present with this medical marijuana strain and could be helpful for insomnia, although these effects are not as powerful as those found in Indica dominants


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9 reviews for Afghan Haze weed

  1. Whitie

    Great taste and high. Buds were a bit moist could have been dried longer. Otherwise happy with the purchase.

  2. Tyler Jones

    First time trying Afghan Kush, wow, I’ve been missing out on this, fast acting,

  3. mac walker

    Really so about the inconvenience, it was due to the covid-19 lock down but we will send you another package. Thanks

  4. Lucas

    Amazing taste and smell great for wanting to a productive buzz that will turn into a mellow euphoric high, good for new and experienced smokers, Excellent shipping services

  5. Koby Smith

    I was sick of being ripped off from other sites. These guys take care of me no matter what. 10/10 customer Service

  6. Judson

    Thanks so much for the Afghan Kush. This is my go to spot for the best quality products. Love you guys so much. Smoke Smoke Smoke

  7. Stephen

    Very nice buds always gets me stoned it’s not dry when it comes in. very fast shipping. And it’s all for a very great price

  8. Coryb

    One of the best sativa’s I’ve smoked. I order some every time.

  9. Jack Will

    Nice product. Quite smooth. Very potent. Just how i like it. Nice looking buds.

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