Banana Kush

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Northern Lights cannabis strain is a world famous, pure Indica from Holland. This kush is a winner of many cannabis awards worldwide. Due to high THC concentration, Northern Lights is extremely potent, she never fails to deliver an overwhelming body buzz. This herb is not recommended for beginners.


Banana kush weed

Banana kush weed. It is a strain with a reputation. This West Coast strain is well known for its banana taste and a great mix of euphoria and sleepiness. It’s moderately tricky to grow with a low yield and is the child of Ghost OG and Skunk Haze.

Lab Tested Results:

THC: 25%

CBD: 0.7%

Banana Kush Experience

Banana Kush, while essentially an Indica, does have some of the buzzes of a Sativa. It creates a very potent body high and is great for insomniacs as it’s a strong soporific. Its sleep-inducing effects are so potent that most marijuana consumers save this one before bed — even seasoned cannabis enthusiasts will have a hard time keeping their eyes open with this one.

Before marijuana consumers drift off they’ll feel a pleasant euphoric buzz and some real mood elevation, melting away the stresses of the day. Some consumers will note dry eyes, mouth, and some slight paranoia if consumed in larger doses. Marijuana newcomers, in particular, should keep this in mind.

Banana Kush has a somewhat legendary flavor profile. It is a cross between Skunk Haze and Ghost OG and has a distinctive banana taste. Accompanied by fruity and tropical flavors, some marijuana enthusiasts will notice a woody taste also. The unmistakable banana aroma is unmistakable as soon as this strain is combusted, feeling the room with sweet, fruity smoke.

In keeping with the alluring smells and tastes, this strain has some nice shelf appeal. With brightly colored leaves and peach-colored pistils covered in a healthy dose of white trichomes, this is some nice looking weed, sure to have cannabis enthusiasts coming back for more.

Medical Benefits of Banana Kush

Of all the OG Kush family, this strain is one of the most gentle, making it popular amongst medical marijuana patients who are new to cannabis or perhaps don’t smoke that often.

As mentioned, this strain is amazing for those suffering from insomnia thanks to its powerful sedative effects

Marijuana patients who deal with symptoms of depression will enjoy the uplifting, euphoric buzz this strain offers

The heavy Indica effects make this a great strain for managing chronic pain


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2 reviews for Banana Kush

  1. Melow420

    This was exactly what I wanted when I ordered Northern Lights. The hole thing was an experience. I had looked at many NL’s but I made the good choice by choosing green society’s phenotype because it was good in so many ways. First, you open the bag and the room is filled with a pogent sent that is sweet and earthy yet with a spicy undertone. I was surprised by the quality of the buds, even if they we’re small-medium sized, they we’re complety covered in trichomes wich only announced its potency. So when i first lit NL, love it’s aftertaste, honestly its a great smoke and it makes thick smoke wich i love. So this is a 100% indica and you will know it. You’re body is totally relaxed, if you we’re hurting, you forgot about, it believe me. All stress is gone and you are left with a feel good feeling who can lead you into a deep sleep. If you want to try a true NL, i recommend you try it here.

  2. Escobar

    Very nice smoke first time trying it very nice looking buds smells great tastes great I recommend u try this strain I’m a long time smoker and I would buy it again

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