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Nepalese Temple Balls Hash

Temple Ball Hash is most well known for its super sticky texture. Usually wrapped in cellophane. Otherwise, it sticks to anything, so, being hard to remove at times. The oils within the Temple Ball Hash make it famous. Origins stem from regions in Afghanistan where tea houses were popular. A good Afghan marijuana strain creates a wonderful recreational drug. These days you can find black hash at coffee shops anywhere. Super-potent Temple Ball Hashish was originally exported as fingers, sticks, hooves, half moons. slabs, and bricks that had a wide array of colors, tastes, and profiles. It is now becoming a rare item. Nepalese Temple Balls Hash

Temple Ball Hashish origins date back thousands of years to Lebanon and Nepal. Where the annual cannabis harvest was. concentrated and cured for storage to last until the next harvest season. This is a prized connoisseur grade hash meant to be. aged for extended periods of time allowing all the essential oils to meld together in perfect harmony. Temple Ball hash is a fully decarboxylated whole-plant cannabis concentrate with purities as high as 80% without the use of solvents. At Weedbudbase, we use top quality whole cannabis flowers and ice water sieve to collect ripe trichome heads. These heads are then perfectly pressed releasing all the potent and delicious cannabinoids and terpenes and rolled into a Temple Ball to preserve all these wonderful properties. | All products


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