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THC: 18% – 25%

Stress: It relieves stress.

Anxiety: It relieves anxiety.

Pain: It helps with pain

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OG Kush is a well-known plant outside of the cannabis community. Given its fame, however, its exact origins remain a mystery. Some say it’s a cross between a hardy Chemdawg and Ahardy Hindu Kush.

OG Kush could also be a distinct phenotype of an existing strain derived from undocumented bag seeds. Online, you can buy OG KUSH and find Kush for sale. OG Kush has nugget-style buds that range in size from medium to large and have a dense structure.

While the leaves are yellowish-green, certain phenotypes may exhibit purple coloration due to cold weather activation of anthocyanin pigments. These vibrant orange pistils intended to capture pollen from fertilizing male plants make these colorful flowers stand out.

Legit Kush Suppliers

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The buds have trichome coatings, which give them a silvery and blank appearance and hold them together when touched- users should use a grinder when preparing buds for a joint or a pipe.

When properly processed, the buds have a mouthy and earthy aroma that is accentuated by some citrus brilliance: the ultimate feeling is a hoppy craft beer.

OG Kush

When the buds are burnt or damaged, they have a more woody odor. OG Kush smoke is typically harsh and toxic; it can irritate the sinuses and cause eye irritation. The smoke tastes hashy and sweet, just like a typical Indica inhalation and exhalation.

The high head of OG Kush is more physical than mental. It starts with a sudden headrush, which may cause users to feel more connected to their surroundings and may increase sounds and colors. This shift in perceptions could quickly lead to a global euphoric upliftment.

Medical Advantages Of OG Kush

OG Kush is a highly natural healing cannabis strain that has astounded the medical community with its ability to cure a wide range of ailments. Patients suffering from neurological disorders use this strain. You can find kush feminized seeds and marijuana for sale at a dispensary near you.

Patients also use this strain to treat Chronic pain. Its potent therapeutic medical benefits are one of the primary reasons for this strain’s meteoric rise in popularity over the last half-decade. More and more people are starting to love this strain.

They prefer to take a full-fledged Indica strain than pharmaceutical drugs, which are commonly linked with revolting, life-altering adverse effects. Weedbud Base offers the best weed for sale on the internet without a medical marijuana card.

Additional Benefits Of Kush For Sale

OG Kush can also provide functional relief to patients suffering from severe and chronic pain, as the strain’s robust cannabinoid profile helps to relax and relieve the plagues, as well as alleviate swelling and lower neuropathic discomfort.

If you use OG Kush to treat stress, depression, anxiety, or another mental disorder, most experts recommend smoking small amounts of OG Kush or consuming a low-dose diet. This is because heavy THC use while coping with a mental illness will do more harm than good, at least in terms of the onset of fear and paranoia. Know your limits and keep them to yourself.



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  3. Duck

    I would have given a five star but my package was delayed. Came after the party. Strain is fucking awesome tho.

  4. Mr Chucks

    First, second, and third time. Perfect package every time

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