T25 Topaz Flower Strain

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25% Delta-9 THC


< 1% CBD

Helps with ADHD, Chronic pain and sleep

T25 Topaz Flower Strain

Get Cannatrek T25 Topaz Flower by crossing Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush producing the t25 topaz flower strain. Each gram of dried flower contains 25% THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and less than 1% CBD.

The blooms of the T25 topaz flower have a pungently strong scent. They are not very big, but they are much denser than T18 Jasmin.

Topaz Strain

The topaz strain has a very pleasant taste and delivers a quick, powerful hit to the brain when you inhale through a vape.

It would be challenging to operate normally during the day on this, so take it before bed when you want to sleep.

Overall, this is a fantastic option for people who have trouble falling asleep and lack an “off” button.

Cannatrek T25 Topaz Flower

This Cannatrek T25 Topaz Flower can be quite sedative, so we can say that it would also help to alleviate pain.

Patients can take Cannatrek topaz flower for ADHD and sleep; it certainly works to calm one down and be seated without fidgeting.



10g x 3, 10g x 12

3 reviews for T25 Topaz Flower Strain

  1. Mother Bee

    Very efficient and precise service. They are faultless.

  2. Alvina Path

    Excellent delivery was made and the high it gives was just meant for me lol

  3. Ulga

    These folks are great; I’ve used them before and highly recommend them for their fantastic service

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