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IGET Bar Vape

These IGET Bar 3500 pens use pre-filled pods that hold CBD oil, THC oil, or both and have an extra-large built-in battery that does not require recharging. Get IGET Bar 3500 Puffs vape pens in bulk today!

The IGET vape consists of IGET Legends, IGET Max, IGET Mega, IGET XXL, IGET King, IGET Shion, IGET Goat, IGET Plus, and the well-known IGET Bar.

IGET Bar Near Me

The IGET Bars raise the standard for vapes. With space for 12mL of e-liquid and 3500 puffs, this model will go above and beyond your expectations. With the Bar, you may enjoy several IGET bar flavors and a stylish appearance thanks to its plush mouthpiece and fine black metal shell. It’s simple to take a drag from the canister and unwind during the day. The Bar is the ideal model for the advanced to intermediate user. Order IGET Bar near me with ease Now!

IGET Bar Flavours

Enjoy inhaling vape without worrying about spraying cologne or attempting to cover up the nicotine smell. You have a wide selection of IGET Bar flavors with the Bar collection’s 31 tastes, and you may mix flavors in the value bundle to try out a few.

Where To Buy IGET Vapes Adelaide

Where To Buy IGET Vapes Adelaide? You have come to the right place. We offer fast and reliable delivery when you buy disposable vapes Adelaide. 

Advantages Of Vapes IGET Bar 3500

You can take a few puffs of your vape and save the rest for another time. Unlike cigarettes. By switching to a vape, you can choose when and how many puffs you take, giving you the best value for your money. Perfect for anyone trying to quit smoking because you have more control over how much you consume, giving you back your power. You won’t regret switching to vapes; Get IGET Bar 3500 Bulk out for sale right now.


  • 3500+ Puffs per device
  • Ergonomic and premium build
  • Easy to use
  • Delicious flavor range

Device Details:

  • Size: 60 x 20 x 125mm
  • Cell Capacity: 1500mAh
  • Total Puffs: + 3500 Puffs
  • E-liquid Capacity: 12ml
  • Flavors: 31 to choose from
  • Included in the pack: 1 x IGET Bar disposable 3500 puff vaporizer
  • IGET bars bulk discounts available



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IGET Vapes

Bar, Omega, King, Mega, Goat, Legend, Max

2 reviews for IGET Bar Vape

  1. Big papa

    Best disposable vape in Australia right now. Everyone can agree to that

  2. Meyer

    The customer service was helpful and always available until I received my package. However, they have the habit of not picking up the phone. Email all through

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