Is Marijuana Legal In New Mexico

Is Marijuana Legal In New Mexico

Recreational cannabis sales will begin next year on 1 April at state-licensed dispensaries. Private recreational use became legal on Tuesday, but licensing for the sale of cannabis is expected to begin no later than 1 April. People can possess up to two ounces of cannabis, 16 grams of concentrate and grow up to six mature plants for personal use. 

Under the new law, 17 states and Washington D.C. have legalized recreational marijuana, even though the U.S. does not allow the sale of marijuana for recreational purposes. Adults are allowed to purchase and possess from licensed retailers up to two ounces of cannabis and up to 16 grams of cannabis extract. Cannabis has been legal for adults in the border states of Colorado since 2012 and Arizona since January.

They may possess more cannabis, but the law does not set a limit, and at home the cannabis must be stored in a sealed container away from the public. Only patients on the register and their carers may possess medical cannabis. Qualified patients can apply for a personal production license that allows them to grow cannabis for personal use. 

Possession of cannabis by adults aged 21 and over will become legal on 29 June 2021. Superintendent Linda Trujillo said people 21 and older can start growing marijuana at home and can have up to 56 grams of cannabis from 29 June in their homes. If recreational cannabis is legal, people 21 and older can buy up to two ounces of marijuana. 

In an effort to ensure that medical patients have access to drugs before the adult market opens up, the law allows the state to require licensed cannabis producers to reserve 10 percent of their products for patients in case of bottlenecks and grow more plants for use in medical devices. The law allows patients in New Mexico, the District of Columbia, the US territories of New Mexico and indigenous tribes to buy cannabis in the state.

In New Mexico, regulators will also be able to limit marijuana cultivation for years to come and impose a state fee of $50 per plant per year. This means that it will not be legal in the state to purchase or sell cannabis for a few months after possession of small amounts of cannabis is decriminalized. 

As of 29 June, cannabis, also known as marijuana, is legal for adults 21 and older to possess and use in the state. Several details are still being worked out by state regulators, but the new rules on personal property and use went into effect Tuesday. 

New Mexico legalized recreational cannabis possession Tuesday, allowing hobby gardeners to grow their own weed at home as regulators prepare to begin selling recreational cannabis next year. The new Mexican law legalizing marijuana went into effect Tuesday and restricted personal possession and cultivation of marijuana will become legal for adults 21 and older. On Wednesday, March 31th, 2021, the New Mexico House of Representatives and Senate passed a bill during a special session to legalize, regulate and tax cannabis for all adults 21 and over.

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