LGP Desert Flame T22 Amnesia Haze Medical Cannabis Flower


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Desert Flame Strain THC 22 – LGP Flower

Weedbud Base is an Australian online dispensary that sells strains of weed in Australia and cost-effective medical cannabis products like Desert Flame Strain. LGP Desert Flame THC 22 is a medical cannabis product. Desert Flame Flower is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain produced by LGP. It has 22% THC and less than 0.2% CBD. 

Alpha pinene, myrcene, ocimene, and other terpenes are present in large quantities, which may add to the plant’s therapeutic properties and scent. The 15 g package of LGP Flower – THC 22 has beautiful green buds with orange hairs and frosty trichomes. The product complies with Australian requirements for medicinal cannabis.

Price Of Desert Flame Weed Strain?

Desert Flame Strain has a retail price of $322 for a 15g package. It costs about $21 per gram of cannabis. Comparing this to some weed strains on the market is reasonable, especially when LGP Desert Flame has high concentration and quality. Customers could get discounts if they pay with cryptocurrency.

Effects of Little Green Pharma Desert Flame

Given the fact that it’s a THC substance, Little Green Pharma Desert Flame produces psychoactive effects or makes you high. Although THC is the compound that gives cannabis its euphoric and psychotropic effects, it also has certain therapeutic advantages, including the following; 

  • stimulation of hunger, 
  • relief from nausea 
  • relaxation of the muscles. 

Additionally, it might improve;

  •  focus 
  • vitality, and 
  • creativity.

Desert Flame’s THC and terpene blend may have an entourage effect, which means that they cooperate to increase each other’s advantages and lessen each other’s drawbacks. Along with giving Desert Flame its flavor and aroma, its terpenes may contribute to this synergy.


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